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December 17th COH/Holiday Party at Stall Brook Elementary
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January Tubing Weekend 18-20, 2019
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February 22-23rd, Ski & Snow Board Trip
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NE Air Museum Photos

NE Air Museum Saturday

Everyone, we are meeting this Saturday, December 8th at the scout post at 8:30 am (not 7:30 as noted last night)

  • Wearing Green Class B’s
  • Bring a bag lunch
  • Some spending money for gift store

Rocket Trip Photos

February 22-23 Ski & Snow Board Trip

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December 17th Stall Brook COH & Yankee Swap

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Meet at the post at 6 pm for Rocket Trip

Everyone, for those going on the rocket trip you are going south and they didn’t get the snow but it will be raining until about noon time today and then it will be done several hours before you arrive no guarantees it will be dry so make sure you bring appropriate footwear and clothes.

Meet at the post in Class B’s at 6 pm tonight.

January 18-20, 2019 Tubing weekend

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