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April West Hill Fishing Trip Photos


Lake Compounce June 18th


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Aviation Camporee Photos

avistion camporee

Memorial day parade today

Everyone, the Bellingham Memorial day parade kicks off at 1 PM everyone that is marching with the troop should be at the middle school in class a uniform by 12:30, tx.

Aviation Camporee

Everyone, just a couple of things about tomorrow’s camporee.

  • Meet at the Scout post in your Troop 14 green class B T-shirt tomorrow at 6 pm
  • Looks like it will be decent 24 hours weather wise but prepare for the unexpected elements and being outside in a field most of the day
  • We are are staying and packing up at about 5 pm on Saturday leave at about 5:30.
  • Parents please plan on driving your son to and from the camporee about 25 minutes away
  • Since this event is about aircraft and technology. The boys are encouraged to bring cell phones.
    • Remember the troop is not responsible so make sure it can be packed in a dry ziplock bag to avoid water damage.
    • If you don’t have cell phone don’t worry
  • You may want to bring a Folding Chair for comfort.
  • Remember signed permissions slips and med forms