Summer Camp Recap

Everyone, we had 14 scouts attend summer camp here are some of the accomplishments: 38 Merit Badges earned, 18 of those were Eagle Required, 3 Scouts earned their Second Class Rank, 3 Scouts earned the World Conservation Award, 1 Mile Swimmer, Sagi Canoe Trip, Camp Flag Lowering Tuesday night, 1 Scout will be returning as a CIT, 1 leader and 3 scouts were tapped out for the Order of the Arrow and many ranks requirements accomplished. Fun had by all.

Summer Camp

Everyone, here are some of the times for next week at summer camp. We are meeting at the Scout Post at 9 am to load the troop trailer with troop gear and the scout trunks and their personal gear. (Leave your Class B and Bathing suit and towel for the car ride up).

  • Sunday, July 16
    • 9 am Load Troop Trailer with Personal Gear/Trunks @ Scout Post
    • Scouts Depart Bellingham to arrive at camp by 2 pm (About 2 Hour Drive) Depart in Green Troop 14 Class B-Shirt and bathing suit
  • Wednesday, July 19
    • 5 pm – 8:30 pm Parents Night at Camp
  • Saturday July 22 
    • Pick up from Camp (Arrive before 10 am to see closing ceremony)

Name our council

Knox Trail and Old Colony Councils have combined to form a new council and that new council needs a new name. Our new council has over 10,000 active members and we are asking you to submit your creative ideas for a new council name.

The New Council Naming Contest will run from June 22, 2017 to July 31, 2017 and submissions will be taken using the form below. This naming contest is open to all scouts and scouters in the new council.
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Bellingham Camporee Photos

Courtesy of our new Troop Historian!

June 19th Court of Honor

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Congratulations to our new Troop Leadership

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Memorial Day Parade Photos