Summer Camp 2018

Everyone, here are some of the times for next week at summer camp. Next Sunday, we are meeting at the Scout Post at 9 am to load the troop trailer with troop gear and the scout’s trunks and your personal gear. (Leave your Class B and Bathing suit and towel for the car ride up).

  • Sunday, July 15
    • 9 am Load Troop Trailer with Personal Gear/Trunks @ Scout Post
    • Scouts Depart Bellingham to arrive at camp by 2 pm (About 2 Hour Drive) Depart in Green Troop 14 Class B-Shirt and bathing suit
  • Wednesday, July 18
    • 5 pm – 8:30 pm Parents Night at Camp
  • Saturday July 21 
    • Pick up from Camp (Arrive before 10 am to see closing ceremony)
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