Recycling Schedule

One of our Troops critical fundraising programs is collecting & redeeming bottles & cans, for cash. The following is an outline of how the program works.

Recycle Center (steps)

  • Scouts are scheduled each Saturday throughout the year to sort bottles and cans at the Bellingham Recycling Center at South Maple Street at the Bellingham/Franklin line. (The right turn immediately after Sandcastle Lane)
  • The assigned scout and a parent need will need to go to Recycle Center to sort Bottles & Cans
  • Recycle Center Hours: Saturday 8-4 or Sunday’s (Apr-Nov) 8-2
  • There will be a signup sheet to get credit for working.
  • The scout and parent are only needed to be there for an hour or until all the bottles and cans are sorted to work a shift.
  • Scouts get assigned about 2-3 times a year.
  • If the scout cannot work the assigned weekend they should seek to swap with another scout.
  • As a backup, a parent can work the schedule to get credit for their son
  • Instructions and the signup sheet are in the trailer at the Recycle Center.

We sort all $0.05 redeemable containers accepted, in Massachusetts anything else would need to be recycled normally.

  • Aluminum Cans
  • 12 oz to 16 oz plastic soda bottles
  • 1 liter plastic bottles
  • 2 liter plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles by color & brand put in cardboard case boxes

Full glass cases & plastic bags are stacked in the trailer.