Camping Beads

Troop 14 Camping Beads
The Troop has established a tradition of distributing “camping beads” to each participant who has completed a campout. These beads are intended to be worn by the boy/adult as a trophy for their camping accomplishment. Beads are given out to Scouts and Leaders that attend the camping trip and camp overnight. Only one bead is given per trip, regardless of how many nights the Troop may camp out. The following is a listing of the types of camping beads and their significance:

Regular Camping Trip Blue Bead – Regular Campout
gold bead all camping trips Gold Bead – Attended ALL Campouts of year including Summer Camp (The August Trip does not count towards the Gold bead)
silver bead summer camp Silver Bead –Summer Camp
Winter Camping trip White Bead – Sleeping in Tent in January, February, & March
clear bead sleep snow shelter Clear Bead – Sleeping in Igloo or Snow Shelter during Winter Camping Trip
red bead backpacking trip Red Bead – Backpacking Trip
green bead mount washington Green Bead – Mt. Washington
yellow bead special trip Yellow Bead – Special Campout
orangeOrange Bead – Spook Trail
pick bead required medical attention Pink Bead – Required Medical Attention at Campout